Payment/Refund Policy

  1. Course requirement: you must have a computer or phone with internet capability. Classes are conducted via Zoom or similar technology.
  2. Payment for class is due and payable upon enrollment.
  3. The class price is the same if enrolling 1 child or multiple children.
  4. Fees are 100% refundable up to 24 hours prior to start of class.
  5. Once you are within 24 hours of the start of class, there are no refunds issued.
  6. There is no guarantee of any specific outcome whatsoever from taking these classes. Classes are for educational purposes.
  7. There is no guarantee of any returns on any investment if made as a result of this class.
  8. Payment of class fee does not guarantee any specific amount of time in class. Classes are generally the length as explained in class description, but may run slightly shorter or longer.
  9. Classes are taught by various instructors. Payment does not guarantee a specific teacher.
  10. Class prices are subject to change. Payment for class at a specific price does not guarantee that prices will not change in the future.
  11. Duties of customer/parent/guardian: it is your responsibility to help children with login and class attendance. Classes will continue regardless of anyone’s attendance.
  12. If any student/participant misses any portion of class, there are no refunds or repeating of material.
  13. Any technical difficulties or bad internet connections do not constitute a reason for refund or repeating of material.
  14. Disruptive, disrespectful, rude or obnoxious behavior will not be tolerated. It is the instructor’s discretion to mute, block or close out any student who does not adhere to this policy.
  15. Class participation (for example, engagement between instructors and students) is encouraged, but not required.
  16. Instructors will call participant’s name. The instructor will address them as noted on screen. Please list name as preferred and advise of any special instructions.
  17. We are not responsible nor assume any liability for what happens on your end of a “web-call” or webinar.
  18. Use of any coupon code (if applicable) implies that explicit permission was granted from an American School of Finance employee, and is subject to approval.